June Newsletter

June Newsletter

 We would like to thank everyone for their dedication and support throughout this school year. It was a pleasure teaching and watching your children grow academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. You can find summer reading lists, school supplies, and math on the BSS webpage.  We hope you have a fun and relaxing summer!

Math:We have been working on learning how to identify and represent multiplication as equal groups. Students have been relating repeated addition to multiplication and writing multiplication sentences. We also will have students identify and represent division as equal shares and groups. Once we complete multiplication and division we will review concepts including: money, time, measurement, and regrouping.

Reading/GrammarWe will be completing the “Littles” and working on the book report project over the last few weeks. Students will be writing a paragraph about the plot of the story. We will be completing the rough draft in class and students will finish the final copy at home. Once the project is finalized students will present their cereal boxes in class. Students should applying grammar and phonics rules to all writing. We also have been using an edit check list for students to check organization, details, and mechanics.

Religion:We will help the students appreciate the special gifts we have to help others. Students will identify and appreciate their own individual needs. Our final lesson will focus on how students use words and actions to communicate.

Calendar Dates:June 1st- What’s It Like

June 2nd- Mass at 10:00 a.m.

June 8th- Field Day: Half Day Dismissal at 12

June 13th- Breakfast with Dad

June 15th- Ice Cream Party at 1:00

June 16th- Mass at 11:00; Last Day of School 12:00 Dismissal